Who we Are


Though Quest is new, our team is not...

Our extraction processes were created and implemented by William "Kind Bill" Fenger, the creator of live resin and an industry pioneer with a keen eye for quality and a thirst for innovation. As a team, we have made more live resin than anyone.

Our management team includes Ry Prichard, noted concentrate and strain expert, who lends his experience to all aspect of the production process, including promotion of your brand in various media platforms.


We have forged a technology partnership with Precision Extraction Solutions, allowing us access to industry-leading extraction equipment as soon as it hits the market. We utilize the PX1 extraction system, which allows us a greater level of control over key variables compared to other approved systems.

Beyond the extraction machine, we also sourced the highest-quality freezers, distillation equipment, temperature control systems, and packaging to ensure the best product for our clients and their customer. Every step of the process is intentional and designed to maximize terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid retention, allow the plant's true nature to shine through.