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Live Resin

Our flagship product, live resin was created as a way to capture the aroma of the living plant rather than the comparatively drab dry material. Our live resin process begins with specially selected strains which are conducive to this particular method, as not all varieties are suited to this texture. The freshly-extracted oil goes into the vacuum ovens, where the solvent is removed and the product is finished to a transparent appearance. Live resin is generally looser and more sappy than shatter made from dry material because of the higher percentage of terpenes -- because of this, it can be more difficult to handle, but for connoisseurs who prefer a traditional shatter texture, live resin is the clear choice.

Appearance: Glowing golden yellow to rich orange, live resin generally has a brighter appearance than shatter and sap made from dry material.

Texture: Live resin is usually more sappy than traditional shatter but also has a terpene-rich sheen that is not often seen in shatters.

Why You’ll Love It: Live resin is the product that single-handedly changed the extraction game around the world, and Kind Bill pioneered that process. Experience live extraction as it was first conceived and created.

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Shatter (depending on texture, sometimes called “sap”) is made by putting freshly-extracted hash oil made from dry plant material into a vacuum drying oven to purge out the solvents over several hours. By putting the product in a vacuum drying oven, it reduces the temperature at which the solvent will purge from the product, allowing for higher terpene retention than if the process were done at regular pressures and temperatures. Shatter is transparent and clear yellow to amber in color depending on the strain and maturity of the material used. Shatter is the preferred product by many for its extended shelf life and sticky texture, which is tailor-made for dabbing.

Appearance: Clear, ranging from bright yellow to amber in color.

Texture: Depending on the strain, can break into shards like fragile glass or be incredibly sticky and sappy.

Why You’ll Love It: A properly made shatter will be the same product over a long period of time. The chemical process locks in terpenes and cannabinoids, preventing surface oxidation and the resulting degradation of flavor. It’s also perfect for dabbing because it sticks to dabbers easily and/or can be broken apart for use in pipes, joints, and vape pens.

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Budder (alternately called “wax” or “crumble”) is made by whipping freshly-extracted hash oil made from dry plant material until it becomes an emulsion, similar to making a vinaigrette. This physical process is fast, efficient, and produces a very low-PPM and terpene-rich final product. Budder has an opaque appearance, ranges from a sticky peanut butter-like texture to a crumbly, waxy texture. When it comes to usability, budder is perhaps the easiest product to use in a variety of smoking devices, from crumbling into a joint to a vape pen to dabbing.

Appearance: Opaque, ranging from brilliant yellow to sandy brown in color.

Texture: Depending on the strain, can be crumbly or retain a soft peanut butter-like feel.

Why You’ll Love It: Very easy to use, whether dabbed on its own or crumbled into a joint or on top of a bowl. Budder also tends to retain the most terpenes of any product due to the quickness of the process.

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Sugar is made by continuing the oven purging process that normally results in shatter to a point where the THCa molecules begin to crystallize and separate from the terpenes, resulting in a product which can look something like golden-yellow diamonds or caviar depending on the strain and level of dryness. The sugaring process “opens up” the product, allowing the terpenes to modify and bloom by exposing them to the elements. Because of this exposure, sugar is generally best consumed fresh and must be stored carefully to avoid the terpenes seeping out. Sugar is a gorgeous product and also very easy to use, whether it be dabbed or sprinkled into cannabis flower.

Appearance: Crystalline but completely slicked with yellow-orange terpenes, sugar looks something like diamond soup or golden caviar pearls.

Texture: Generally soft and slippery with oily terpenes, but sometimes can be very crystalline and crumbly.

Why You’ll Love It: The sugaring process allows the product to “open up” aromatically, making it incredibly fragrant. The individual grains of THCa are also visible to the naked eye, which is something only experienced in sugar.

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Live Budder

Made using only the finest plants selected specifically for their unique qualities and expressions, live budder is the pinnacle of extract aroma and flavor. The fast, cold live resin extraction followed by an efficient whipping process captures and retains the terpenes in a way that no other product can -- live budder routinely tests as our most terpene-rich product overall. Like regular budder, it is very easy to use with a variety of smoking utensils and offers a perfect balance of shelf life and strength of aroma/flavor.

Appearance: Radiant yellow or orange to nearly white, live budder is generally just brighter and richer with terpenes than budder made from dried material and also tends to have a “shine” rather than a matte finish.

Texture: Most strains finish soft and pliable, making live budder very easy to dab or roll into pellets for use in a vape pen.

Why You’ll Love It: Live budder generally has the highest terpene retention of any process, making for a richer experience in aroma and flavor, but also effect, as the terpenoids and cannabinoids work in a synergistic manner to give a more direct strain-specific experience.

Live Sugar

Like sugar made from dry material, live sugar is a scientific process of degradation which is sped up thanks to the aid of vacuum ovens. Once the extract has become an acceptable live resin, the purging process is continued and the THCa begins to crystallize and separate from the terpenes and other constituents, creating a solution of crystals floating in a sea or terpenes and flavonoids. Live sugar is incredibly fragrant and beautiful, making it the fastest-selling product on dispensary shelves across the country.

Appearance: Luminescent yellow to orange in color, sugar is very bright and generally the product that is most pleasing to the eye.

Texture: Because of the higher terpene content, live sugars tend to be very wet and rich with terpenes, resulting in a slippery, slightly granular texture.

Why You’ll Love It: Live sugar is perhaps the most aromatic cannabis product available, broadcasting the aroma of the living plant more strongly than any other extraction method. Like regular sugar, it is best consumed fresh in order to maximize the terpene retention, but can be stored properly and enjoyed over time as the flavor mellows like a fine wine.